Mitch, Please are a four-piece Brisbane punk nerd band. A bit punk, a bit pop, a bit light and a bit heavy, plus lots of other bits all whipped up together to make a crunchy, creamy, salty, dang good time.

Having shared a stage with at least one other band on at least one occasion,
Mitch, Please are gonna get inside your earballs and bloody well stay there with some heckin’ catchy tunes chock-full of extremely relatable content.

Note: Mitch, Please does not actually contain any Mitches but we do know one Mitch and he might even be at some of our shows, if he’s not too busy on the day.

it’s like pop punk thrash mixed with the B-52’s

the tidiest, best invoice presentation I’ve ever received from a band

Check out our new song Rubbish on Bandcamp!

Brand new release ‘Rubbish’ expresses those tumultuous passions felt when the trash conveniently takes itself out, but then leaves a bit of a sticky mess in its wake. We find ourselves wondering: “Why am I still cleaning up after you, bag of trash?”

Debut single Neighbourhood Cat:

Neighbourhood Cat is the first song we ever wrote as a band and it’s very meaningful to us. It embodies the trials and tribulations of wanting to befriend non-humans, but never being quite good enough. Neighbourhood Cat took out the #4 spot in the 4zzz Hot 100 2019.

Check out Neighbourhood Cat on Bandcamp!

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